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Software Built for Horse Breeders

FoalPoint, an intelligent solution to help you manage and simplify the breeding season. 


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We believe power comes from simplicity.

So we’ve designed and refined every element to zero-in on what matters when breeding horses.
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Spend less time in the office

Your farm schedule at your fingertips

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Record Breeding Records on your smart Phone

Make your days more efficient and enjoyable. Avoid hours of administrative work, putting together invoices, filling spreadsheets, flipping through notebooks and deciphering information

Follow each mare through every stage and plan her activities ahead of time. Never miss key steps or events by viewing her updated status, following her gestation tracker or receiving calendar notifications.

Learn more about your mare

Expense tracking made easy

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Print or Email all your Invoices

Have the information you entered useful for this season and years to come. Identify and understand the patterns of each individual mare with cycle graphing and reproductive histories only a click away!

Record your expenses in a way that makes sense and helps you evaluate your business. Know the costs associated with breeding each of your mares and generate client invoices instantly!


Easy to set up

Simple to use from day one, FoalPoint is the easiest breeding management software to implement on your farm. There is no 200 page handbook or training orientation needed, FoalPoint is modern, user friendly, and was designed with the breeder in mind. We have no unsettling up front fees, your monthly subscription leaves you in control and registration is a quick process after which you can start making mare profiles straight away!


Accuracy is not based on subjectivity. At FoalPoint we’ve created parameters which will keep your whole team on the same page. Our scales of measurement for reproductive markers such as tease scores and uterine tone, encourage consistency and objectivity. Also, each time you use FoalPoint you are lightening the workload for future you. FoalPoint uses algorithms to predict what future breeding cycles will look like for each individual mare based on the information that you entered in previous years.


At FoalPoint, we back up our servers on a regular basis, your passwords and personal information are encrypted, and your data is not shared or sold to advertisers or any third party. We use the most trusted online credit card processing company to handle payments and we are always just a quick email or phone call away to voice any questions or concerns to a team member.

You know your mares - FoalPoint is your data partner to support the decisions you make every day. Simplify breeding management. Use digital records to better analyze mare performance. Get notifications on your mobile device about your mares so you can plan your day efficiently.


Make daily decisions about your mares quickly, easily and confidently. Start your free trial today!

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